Self-Guided Leadership Acceleration

Leadership Acceleration Blitz. This program is packed with value. It contains Eight learning modules, a detailed workbook with templates and guides to help you streamline your business focus, allocate your time appropriately, optimize your productivity, and systematize your business so you can achieve the success, significan5_Keys copyce, and satisfaction of the exceptional leader you are becoming. For a complete description of the 42 Day Leadership Acceleration Blitz, click here. To register, complete the form below.

Self-Leadership Intensive. This program takes a close look at all aspects of your life allowing to you reflect, assess, and plan for having the best year of your life. We look at the exceptional leaders’ path to healthy relationships, personal health, finances, business, professional development, spiritual growth, community and contribution. You will have a workbook and guidance from me that you may work through at your own pace. Complete the form below to get access!