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What is it about extraordinary leaders that makes such a difference? 

You know who I'm talking about don't you? It's those people who light up a room! The ones who inspire loyalty, and who draw out the best from people around them. Have you ever been around someone like that? Are YOU someone like that? Lisa specializes as a CEO coach, to help you be that leader in your world.

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If you are, you are someone who makes the difference in any group or business you are part of. In your family, you are a source of love and inspiration - fun and intimacy - at least much of the time. In business you bring together inspired teams and, together you produce far richer profits. You impact the world around you noticeably. You know how to find peace. You live with purpose. And, certainly you leave each part of the world you touch a better place than you found it, just by your very presence. And most importantly, when those very human moments occur when you dip below the line into the dark, you notice it quickly and find your way back to the light.

Lisa works in the areas of Board Development, Executive Team Development and Executive Coaching for C-Suite and High Potential VPs to assist them in amplifying their own most effective and authentic leadership presence.

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What is it about such powerful women and men?

I think it's this: Extraordinary leaders lead from Fierce Ownership!

They consistently choose:




and as a result they are able to choose


In making these core choices, extraordinary leaders find that they are able to:

1. Gain exquisite clarity in times of transition, growth or advancement.

2. Strategize the accelerated achievement of an already clear goal.

3. Live a life of purpose that includes both hard work and peace; productivity and fun.

All while powerfully moving themselves and people around them to their own greatness.

In working with clients to consistently lead from "Fierce Ownership™," Leaders bring leadership home and create the results that matter most to them.

With extraordinary leadership you create:

  • powerful communication
  • team alignment
  • more intimate relationships (at home)
  • more collaborative relationship (at work)
  • clarity of strategic vision
  • peace: by handling overwhelm, action & priorities
  • powerful confidence and results

We had Dr. Hale come in and facilitate a leadership training for our team and she did a fabulous job. Many of the people on my team asked if they could further work with Lisa to improve their skills as they felt she spoke right to their own personal challenges. I recommend that anyone consider having Lisa come in and work with your teams to move them forward. Thank you Lisa...the remnants of your training still exist even one year later!

---Tracy Keinitz, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer for Biz to Biz Network Inc


Lisa was instrumental in helping me through some very tough decisions in my business.  She brought clarity to my situation and helped me move quickly to the best solution for issues that I’ve been struggling with for years!  A wonderful coach to work with – but she’ll get you out of your comfort zone!

---Carl Dierschow, Small Fish

We work together to take what you are already doing well and make it exceptional. Your business and life can produce results you envision if you get the behaviors and habits you are blind to out of the way. The key is internal alignment with your external ways. This is the secret to achieving exceptional results; whatever results matter most to you. 

Lisa Hale's model of coaching is simple yet exquisitely profound. I find myself measuring my communications against her model even when we are not together, and I find that I have stepped up my leadership to a whole new level. As a result, my business is thriving, and opportunities are popping up everywhere!

---Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, Guerilla Group

I work with executives and their teams, who recognize that their unique strategic edge will be made or broken by their people. The technical aspects of strategy, timing, market and product will always be important. Yet those elements are relatively easy for competitors to match. What sets extraordinary companies apart is their people. And exceptional leaders know this. 

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For those of you who like credentials:

BIO:  Dr. Lisa E. Hale is the go-to trusted advisor for senior executives, high net-worth families, successful entrepreneurs and leaders. For more than 27 years, her focus has been to help teams and families enhance their enterprise effectiveness by enriching the quality of their relationships. Lisa trains, guides and supports senior leaders. Lisa agreed to privately coach select leaders who have an inspiring mission and discovered that working 1:1 with leaders is pure joy! Now, she is a sought after Executive Coach who mentors leadership teams, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs on four continents to help them achieve their most treasured life and business goals faster, with greater impact and confidence.

Lisa’s brings her life experience, professional talents and education to bear for all her clients. Conscious, smart and visionary leaders also may face family dysfunction, teams with weak links, and great companies that could be greater. Lisa’s Executive Coaching clients navigate these challenges and more with clarity, empowerment and focus. Outstanding results show up when your leadership skills and presence naturally move you AND your team in the right direction. The key is not just to achieve results. The key is achieving results that truly matter. On purpose! Lisa coaches, trains and supports exceptional leaders to do just that.

Lisa’s recent clients have included: Pattern Energy, First National Bank of Omaha, WEST Energy Technologies, Episcopal Health Foundation, Philanthropy Southwest, Association of Finance Professional, SAP, Source Gas, Florida Power and Light, Office of Personnel Management, Lovelace Hospitals, Sennheiser NM, Defined Fitness, Guerilla Group, Department of Energy, Albuquerque Health Partners, National Forest Service, US Air Force, Department of State and additional businesses throughout the world.

Lisa earned graduate degrees from Northwestern University and post-graduate credentials in Leadership and Executive Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching.

Lisa lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she and her three sons create art, hike, cook and laugh together every day. Dr. Hale’s upcoming book is "The Art of Fierce Ownership™: Bringing Leadership Home For Leaders." (2018)

Lisa serves clients worldwide. Lisa lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she spends as much time as she can in the mountains with her three sons who make her laugh every day.